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Printer Cartridges

The majority of companies and households dispose of their cartridges in the trash. Most cartridges can be successfully recycled. With most of our clients requiring a comprehensive program, we at X10siv Waste Management started printer cartridge recycling within the Pietermaritzburg area. Even though most printer cartridges can be recycled, X10siv Waste Management will only accept original cartridges.

Confidential Shredding (Pulping)

Most companies have confidential documentation that requires special handling because of the nature of the documentation. We facilitate the destruction of this kind of material. all Employee's at X10siv Waste Management ad hear to a strict confidential agreement with its clients, once all documentation is successfully destroyed a Destruction Certificate is issued to verify to the clients that no documentation or confidential information will be retrieved from the documentation sent to X10siv Waste Management.

Recycling and pulping

Total Recovery System

X10siv Waste Management offers a "Total Recovery System" for any client that requires certification, in compliance with the new Waste Management laws of South Africa. We have some Diagrams of services offered by X10siv Waste Management, for clients, which will decrease your waste cost.